100 paintings, 100 days.

So, here it goes. I just turned 30 on Sunday. I had one of those “you better do what you love, get your butt in gear” moments.

A little back story then…I have a BFA in sculpture but I love to paint, always have. I am an art teacher at a K-8 school

This where the paintings (and the spills) happen.

in a low-income neighborhood. I’m staying home this year to be with my kiddos. I have two boys, Milo is three and Wyatt is 3 months.  I am perpetually distracted by all of the other creative things in my world, creating art with kids and creating my own kids.  In my “do what you love” moment I decided that I would paint everyday for 100 days. You know, get the joints lubricated and make it a focus in my life, our lives. Focus,yeah, focus… here’s the snag. I have a toddler. He is the coolest thing since Xlene transfers and he needs my attention, all of the time. Milo wants to do what we do, be a work guy, be an artist. He is funny, stubborn, precocious and my best friend. I got to thinking  about how much Milo  loves to make art. He will draw for hours, mostly where he should (except for the other day when I caught him writing on the brick in front of the house. He said he was writing a thank you note to the work guys who built our house, which is only 100 years old this year!) Milo and I talked and decided that we should paint everyday, so far so good. He makes really cool art, not your run of the

Milo loves Sharpies, he calls them "those stinky pens"

I like anything that isn't a brush for mark making

mill scribbles, there is something to it (I know I’m his mom but, you’ll see). Today is day four of our project. We’ve got a system, I think. We wait for sleepy sleeperson to take his epic morning nap, I pump for the milk bank then we’re off to the sun room for art time. We’ve been listening to classical and my Patsy Cline station on Pandora and it feels so good. Milo will tell me what he thinks of my work and will occasionally try to add something. I direct him back to his easel and we’re off again. It’s really quiet lovely. Hold on someone’s crying….the Rescue Heroes Movie was over, devastating. Where was I? Yes, we will paint everyday, distractions, disasters and all.

All of my paintings will be available for purchase through my website, which is old and decrepit right now, so don’t look. I will post all of the 8″ x 8″ watercolor on paper works in batches of 30. The first batch will be up on Oct. 1. Milo will have to decide what he wants to do with his. If it’s anything like the four-foot tall blue garbage robot we made at 5:30 in the morning a year ago, he might not want to part with anything.

The drafting machine at work.

Chocolate Chip Pancakes and a lot of coffee were in order this morning. I realized the hard way not to put my mug so close to the brush cup.


4 responses to “100 paintings, 100 days.

  1. I can’t wait to see further posts. I can’t wait to see what you and Milo create. I bought a large cookie cookbook the other day…..even though I told myself I’m not going to buy anymore cookbooks. Anyway I had the thought that maybe I should do the Julie and Julia thing and go through the book front to back baking one recipe each day. Not too good for the waistline but what fun. Maybe I’ll wait till you are back at work so you and your boys can be tasters for me. 🙂

  2. Can’t wait to see them all!

  3. Love toddler paintings! I will have to visit again to see your progress!
    ( sigh I have been mentally prodding myself to do something like this as well.)
    Have fun

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