Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

The first of many!

Day two

Day three

Day four

Day five

Milo, day one. Mountains

Milo, day two, he likes to circle objects

Milo, day three, Bat

Milo day four

Yesterday we took the kids to Art Crank, this bike poster art show. Milo walked into that gallery with his bike hat on and some serious swagger. The hippest of the hipsters were remarking on how fresh he was. Jon’s (my husband) mom used to say that he was born cool. Milo was definitely born cool just like his daddy. He just commands a presence were ever he goes. He picked out his favorite poster and found every free sticker in the place for his “cover your Skuut in sticker so I can never sell it on CL” project. He checked out this kid getting a tattoo live in the gallery and decided he better wait until he’s a grown up to do that.

It got me thinking that the gallery world is so much about swagger. You have to sell yourself, your personality and your style. I just plain suck at that part. Truth be told I’m not that cool and I’m a bit socially awkward. I feel so strongly about my work but have  a real hard time talking about it with folks. Maybe that’s why I’m writing this blog. I need to invite you all into my world and sell you a bit on what I think are pretty darn good expressions of my inner world. And then….

I woke up sick to my stomach this morning. I don’t know if it was the neighbors’ ribs (which were so damn good) or anxiety over this project. I want my work to be good. I want this to be good for Milo.  As I was lying on the couch feeling sorry for myself and trying to decide if coffee would be a good idea, my little man walked over to me and said, “Don’t be sick mommy we have to paint to today.” Ok, sickness be gone, we’re going to paint. My “paint in the morning” system failed because a trip to Radio Shack with dad is far too exciting, “We can paint later, Mom, Later!” So I painted alone and it wasn’t too shabby. I had a few clear, quiet moments and thought about an article I had read that said there is science to pretending like your happy long enough to actually become happy. So I try to stay on the sunny side and think that it just sounds a bit off to pretend to be happy. I’d just rather not dwell on stuff I can’t change and focus on being positive, easier said than done, right? I’ll put my attention towards solving problems with paint and paper, giving as much as I can and try to save a little bit for myself. But right now I am feeling happy and the goodness I’m feeling is flowing onto the paper and this Sunday couldn’t be better…Better go turn the sprinklers off before my veggies drown.


4 responses to “Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

  1. Whatever. You are totally cool, and hip. You art is fabulous. Inspirational. As is the blog.Love you!

  2. I love your work. Do you have a website I would love to see more?

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