Milo's before shot

Papa's before shot


Hello, lovely!

Day Six

Day Seven

Where to begin…Jon decided to start P90X or as he likes to call it, P90Fess. It’s this 90 day extreme home fitness “revolution” where you work out every day for an hour for 90 days. A little back story for those of you who don’t know my husband, he’s a stone mason. He lifts big heavy rocks for a living. He eats all day every day, whatever he wants, and can barely keep his weight above 145. His before pictures already look like after pictures. Anyways, Milo decided that Dad’s project is way more fun than ours. I wonder if we should get him cleared by his pediatrician before he starts a new fitness program…After one workout he comes upstairs to tell me that he’s, “gonna get ripped!” and flexes his guns.

On Monday we took the boys’ before shots and after Milo and Jon got amped up working out and drinking protein shakes Milo attacked the easel, shirtless and yelling, “hi-yah!” His painting was awesome.

I, on the other hand, had a love affair with this cinnamon roll. My painting on Monday felt light and right on pitch. When I asked Milo what he thought, he said that it was a scary space ship and that he didn’t like it. Kids are such honest critics.

Today is Tuesday and I’ve been painting everyday for a week. It feels good to have something to do everyday and a way to process all the other things going on.  My friends and family who live in the mountains above Boulder are evacuated due to a  massive forest fire. My painting today was painted with this image in my mind. They’ll be fine and I don’t think the fire will get to their homes or our old mountain house. But it stills sucks! In another far less serious disaster, my house looks like a tornado hit it but, I’ll find balance eventually.

I think another part of this process is going to be making time to see other artist’s work and see them perform. Alyssa and I went to see Men last night.  I hadn’t seen a show in a year, let alone a good one. We danced and yelled and ate ice cream. I felt all worked up when I got home. They had a song where they would yell, “Who am I to feel so free?!” and the crowd would yell back, “Who am I?” So up lifting! I felt like doing push-ups and painting with a little more fervor, “hi-yah!”

Next post, why my parents are awesome people…


5 responses to “P90Fess

  1. I like, Nicely done 😉

  2. day six reminds me of the painting that used to hang in Josh and Lisa’s front room. did you paint that one?

  3. Good Lord, that’s before? Whew!
    Beautiful paintings so far.. what a great idea!

  4. Hi Delaney – your mom told me about your blog so I had to come check it out. LOVE the paintings from Milo – those are my favorites. I only got a a quick bite of news but it sounds like things are going well and I adore your 100 Paintings in 100 Days journey. Tweeting a link to your blog now….

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