Tour De Fessler

Milo Day Ten, His Fantastic Sculpture

Day Ten

We had an impromptu family date night to the Denver Art Museum after a dinner consisting of corn dogs and not much else. They have a DJ on Friday nights and Milo was so into dancing and scoped out a bunch of art. He was really into the Sandy Skoglund, Foxes exhibit. When I was in college I got to do an installation workshop with her at the CVA in Denver, we spent the entire day stapling yellow pipe cleaners to the wall and painting loaves of bread magenta. It was fantastic. Her work is so dreamy and fun.

I'm lying in there somewhere!

Ready to Ride!

There is an interactive station in the African section where they have out all sorts of cardboard scraps, hole punches and fasteners. Milo sits down and says, “This is fantastic!” He was so excited to be at the museum and after a long day of an emotional grumpasorus, he was refreshed, calm and happy. Art as therapy; It works for me, my kid, and I’ve seen art making work time and time again for even the most sad and disturbed of my students. When we can’t find words, our hands can guide us to some peace. Art making is a lot like my yoga practice. It is always challenging, some days I can do hand stand and others I can barely touch my toes, some days I know where just where to lay the paint and others I stare at a blank paper, but the practice itself always brings me back to that core part of myself where I feel at home.

This morning we went to the Tour De Fat I rode the trike, Jon pushed the Phil and Ted on his skateboard and Milo rode his skuut almost the entire route.  Everyone was cheering him on and taking his picture. I was such a proud mama. Just when I think his persistence is going to kill me he goes and pushes his little no pedal bike from City Park to 13th and Broadway without stopping. Note to self: be more persistent, be more spontaneous.

Day Eleven, The City and Wheels

Day Eleven, Milo's blue Period


3 responses to “Tour De Fessler

  1. I love your abstract pieces and Mr. Milo! What can I say? Fantastic! WQhere did you get your skuut? I saw them in Europe but I have never seen them in the US? I have a great-granddaughter that is one and a half and I would love to get one for her.

  2. Hi Delanie, I like your work too. I’m pretty far into my 365 days. It gets hard and some days I don’t feel like drawing at all but that’s like anything that you do every day I guess. Good luck
    : )

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