Swim fish, swim

Big hand, small hand

Day fourteen

Day fourteen, Milo is still in his blue period

Day fifteen

Day fifteen-Milo (I wish I could say I painted this...)

Day sixteen

Day Sixteen-Milo, this one's for Dada

"you can do this."

As Milo was falling into a coma like sleep that only swimming twice in one day can bring on, I was thinking about when I gave birth to my boys. There was this point in the process where both times I felt as though I was being overtaken by the contractions and that something terrible was surely going to happen if I allowed myself to be engulfed by it. Then, both times right at that exact moment, Jon whispered in my ear, “you can do this.” calm, quiet, not demanding, not in any condescending tone. He just reminded me of what I already knew. I was built to do this. I am a woman and this is something I can do. And here they are. I birthed two boys with no drugs. But that’s not the hard part. Raising them for the rest of their lives is the hard part.

Milo just started swim lessons and was terrified the first day. The, a bit on the loud side, tattooed instructor hopped on red bull didn’t really help…But the second time he did better and wasn’t quite so scared. And by the time we were in the pool with Dad and Uncle Daniel he was showing off and sticking his face underwater. Does he know how to swim yet? No. Will he learn? Yes. When you swim you have to keep working, putting forth effort or you sink. Sink or swim people. I felt a little like I was sinking today.  I have this belly ache that won’t go away and, but, and so forth…no excuses. The hard part might not be the learning how. It might be the doing.

And then…like that darn little fish knew is was thinking about swimming…When I was in the kitchen just before Milo went to bed I noticed that one of the beta fish we have left over from a drawing project I did with my students last year had kicked the bucket. I told myself that I would handle it later. I just went down to finish up a painting and the dang thing is swimming around again! Was she sleeping on her side? Taking a rest? Back from the dead? I don’t know but I whispered into little Tesla fish’s bowl, “you can do this.”

Keep scrolling down for more pics.


4 responses to “Swim fish, swim

  1. when Ryan was six, he pretty much knew how to dog paddle, water has always been part of our lives. Anyway I signed him up for a week’s worth of swim classes…big money, like $3.00! On day four I went in to check on the progress. Because he could swim, he was in the section of the pool that was 8 feet deep. The young teacher told me that all week he had refused to get in the water, it was too deep. On the way home I informed him that he either do what he was told or he would pay me for the lessons. LAst day of class he comes out with a report card. Everything he was suppose to learn was checked with stars and the teacher added a note. “Ryan is the only kid he had ever taught that only went in the water 1 x and learned everything he needed to know to graduate to the next level! Woner if that is why he made such a great lifeguard!

  2. It is so important that kids learn how to swim at an early age. I taught swimming and swam competitively in high school for 4 years, and I noticed most kids fear of water or swimming, fed off their parents fears. You will never regret getting them lessons and may even save their lives someday. Also, terrific art!

  3. Reminiscing of swim lesson at the Deer field muni. It was a memorable summer for the tickle monster. Maybe its time for the next generation. Time to send Nick to Denver?

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