I got a lot of problems with you people…

My baby can't read

Day eighteen

mmmmm, soup.

My inspiration

Day nineteen

Yeah for exquisist corpse art books! Yeah for Jessica!

Day 19-Milo

Day nineteen- Milo's installation in the yard

breast milk

Does this say, I'm a responsible mom?

I really tried to get a theme going for the past two days but it mostly consisted of complaining about everyone being snotty, sick and whiny so I’ve decided to make a list of the most profound things I’ve pondered in the past few days. Here we go….

1. You know you have a toddler when you find a cape and toy handcuffs in your bed, or you are a bit adventurous in the sack (we would fall into the former category).

2. I spent way too much time watching infomercials at 5:50 this morning and beating myself up that my baby can’t read.

2. Sautéing onions while the baby is strapped to your chest is not something that the baby likes.

3. Vegan potato soup tastes better when you add bacon (Sorry Jessica I. and Fanny).

3. I liked it when Milo brought a few fall leaves in to give me as inspiration. I did not like it when he climbed to the top of the fence to, “stabilize the building.”

4. Cat Steven’s music is awesome and should be listened to on a far more consistent basis, especially when painting.

5. Jessica Brown-Velez is a fantastic person. If you don’t know her, you should. Shnarf. She is a really good gift giver and that is a special friend talent.

6. I have recently become aware that I have misused the word ephemera for years. I am sorry Mr. Joseph Cornell, you are my most favorite artist! Upcoming post: Milo and ephemera (things designed to be used for a short time).

7. I am incredibly uncomfortable when I see people argue in public.

8. I think Milo would make a great installation artist. He could make fantastic rooms filled to the rafters with all of the pens, notebooks, and tools he’s squirreled away in the past two years.

9. I am ready for summer to be over! I would like to wear sweaters and boots, make soup, sip tea, and go to bed at 8:30 to read books. Go away hot weather!

10. I wonder if my manic postpartum hormonal mood swings are having a positive effect on my work like a Van Gogh mental illness or Basquiat’s drug addiction.  Hopefully I won’t cut off my ear.

11. Not sleeping sucks. I would like to be whisked away to fancy hotel where no one insists on rubbing my eyebrows half the night.

12. Maybe storing my breast milk next to the vodka sends the wrong message.

13. Lastly, have you seen Alyson Kahn’s new work? She’s rad! (Milo asked me the other day if he could call something rad. I said, heck yeah, and told him he should also use the word, stoked.) Yeah for other artist mommas.

Damn photos…keep scrolling people!


5 responses to “I got a lot of problems with you people…

  1. Hey! You got it! Awesome! (<3)

  2. You are hilarious! Love you lots!

  3. Delanie- Sounds like you are having great time off with your kids. Your blog is great. I wish I was creative enough to write funny stuff. All my funny stuff happens in the moment I guess. Or, I could write about crazy stuff that happens at school.

    Love the art idea. Have fun!


  4. day 19 painting of leaves is now my favorite!!! Also the fact that I really miss autumn!

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