Mondays are for perfection

I pledge to be perfect for at least fifteen minutes.

Day nineteen

Day nineteen, Milo

Day twenty

"It's a boot for you Mom, you like it when I give you boots."

I see Mondays as a weekly opportunity to be perfect. Mondays are the day that we get up and get dressed right away. I put make up on and maybe even some jewelry. We eat a healthy breakfast and turn the tv off. I resolve myself not to bribe Milo and to have Wyatt on some sort of eat/sleep schedule.  The house will be clean, laundry will be started (probably not finished) bills will be paid, and phone calls will be made.

I’ve accomplished a lot on my perfect Monday. And now it is 10:30 and Wyatt only napped of 45 minutes. Milo is watching Spyler and eating chocolate peanut butter toast (at least its whole wheat) and I am watching Tori and Dean in Love on Oxygen while pacing around the living room trying to get Wyatt back to sleep.  So much for perfection! We did have a few pristine moments this morning with the music on and us working in the studio. Milo drew some pictures for his buddy Ethan in Pennsylvania and one for his Nanny and I’ve been playing with making marks with  leaves off my broccoli plant.

I’ve noticed that most kids want to give away their artwork as soon as they finish it. I have files and files of pictures my students have given me over the years. “This is for you, Ms. H!” (Insert my name scrawled across the top with gross spelling errors). It must part of the process to assign an owner to a work of art. Kids usually make the work or as they are creating it, they figure out whom it would suit best. I have a similar response to my work and have given away far more than I’ve sold. I make a painting and I immediately think of someone it would suit. I love to give paintings as gifts as most of my friends and family can attest to. (BTW, you have my permission to take down anything I’ve made for you or given you that you don’t like/are sick of….I promise my feelings won’t be hurt.) Oh, and Zarah, please tell me that you still don’t hang up that painting I made in high school! If I want to make a living as an artist I have to start putting monetary value on my time, creativity and effort.  From now on folks you’re gonna have to pay up. Except you beautiful newlyweds and soon to be newlyweds, you get something for nothing because we love you!

Darn it! I can’t even make this post perfect. I went on a tangent. Good thing there’s always another Monday and another chance to be perfect at everything. Maybe I should go for perfect Tuesdays too. Perfect Tuesdays could be even more perfect than perfect Mondays. We could keep it together until 11:00 heck maybe even noon!


3 responses to “Mondays are for perfection

  1. Nice topic. I once knew someone who insisted that “each day was better than the last”. It s seemed to piss people off that he thought this way:) I think perhaps I’ll adopt your “Monday Opportunity” school of thought as I can’t possibly imagine how each day can be better than the last, but perhaps each week could.

  2. Bethany O'Halloran

    I love this post. I always have good intentions for Mondays. I pack my work out bag on Sunday night, vowing to be in the gym by 9:00. I made it by 2:30 today, which is pretty perfect since I did get there. It’s now 4:00 and I am finally sitting down to write the 2,000 words I promised myself to get done everyday until my novel is finished. Oh, but look it stopped raining–maybe I’ll take Maddy for a walk first and think about where my tale goes next. Ah, a perfect day.

  3. I find the perfect day to be the day I don’t plan. There are thing I have too do (work and general day to day life) between those responsibilities the kids and I have as much fun as possible. Fall in PA taking in the art that is nature.

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