The yeah, yeah, yeahs

Day twenty-four

Day twenty-five, Milo "look mom it's a brain!"

My little man

Day twenty-five

Day twenty-four, Milo

Symbiotic relationships

Yeah for fall mountain adventures with beautiful friends

Yeah for Milo drawing a brain (“you didn’t know I could draw a brain, did you?”)

Yeah for painting a good picture today

Yeah for Moms who live close by

Yeah for Milo finally liking to have his hair washed

Yeah for calm bedtimes

Yeah for lollipops, donuts, and carousels

Yeah for climbing all the way to the top, wherever that might be

Yeah for throwing rocks into rivers

Yeah for seeing rocks and rivers and trees that remind you that you are alive and that alive things make you want to make lovely things

Yeah for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs station on my Pandora

Yeah for all you beautiful people who are showing your love for this project

Yeah for improved mental health

Yeah for head stands to cure just about any ailment

Yeah for breakfast for dinner

Yeah for realizing that living a good life is about living it with good people

Yeah for jammies and tea at eight

Yeah for kids being weird and insisting on wearing mittens at innapropriate times

Yeah for my happy baby Wyatt who smiles with his whole body

Yeah for my hubby (I miss you shnarf)

Yeah for glitter in art, I know a few custodians who would disagree but, I’m going to go ahead and say that I’m a fan of the glitter


10 responses to “The yeah, yeah, yeahs

  1. Yeah for you!!!!! I love this blog so much.

  2. Good stuff, and I love the art.

  3. yeah! i read you blog religiously<3

  4. Hi, Delanie I read your work often and you are a special person and a special mom and I can relate very much, after a trip to the Contemporary Art Museum, we had to spend an hour doing performance art in front of Union Station! Page

  5. I LOVE this entry. It’s like one of those motivational posters reminding us to live life to the fullest every day, or those ‘II knew then what I know now’ posters. Love, love it. Also digging Milo’s Day 24 and want it on my wall!!

  6. your day 25 painting has a special feel to it…it grabs my soul!

  7. I completely agree to the list. All but the breakfast for dinner…. it’s not right.
    Whole body smiles are something special.

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