Beer, a hotdog, chocolate chip cookies, and one downward-facing dog


Sweet relief

My little hot dog

Milo, Day thirty-eight

Day thirty-seven

Milo, day thirty-seven. Dad with a beard.

Day thirty-eight

Day thirty-nine

Milo, Day thirty-eight. Does this picture have a body?

arggg, he's drivin' me nuts!

I spent the better part of the day fighting to have a little time to myself to do some yoga and do this post. Best laid plans…Wyatt was super grumpy all day until about 3 o’clock when I decided to dress him up like a hot dog. He promptly fell asleep and has been asleep for over an hour (I wonder what Baby Wise says about hot dog swaddling and sleep training). Earlier in the day I had tried to go to the basement  for a little  yoga session but all I could hear above my head was a fussy baby and a toddler running and screaming about not needing to use the potty,  not very relaxing. So I went another route and while the hot dog was sleeping, I baked some cookies and drank a beer. I feel much better, thank you.

I’ve decided to dedicate the rest of today’s post to all the funny, weird and smart stuff Milo has said to me in the past 48 hours. Kids say the darndest things. So sit back, crack a beer, have a cookie and enjoy.

Stay close. There might be beavers and beavers are very wild animals.

This is a silly drawing of Nanny with a mustache.

Mom, you are small but not too small you are also kind of big and that’s ok.

I’m not in the mood.

I’m full of it.

This is my art and it is special.

I think it’s goooood to have a baby.

This is a strawberry with long legs.

Mom! I barfed…in my bed.

You have eggs in your tummy like a crocodile.

Do people have meat? Yes? Does that mean that crocodiles, lions and sharks will want to eat me?

Me- “why do you like to make art?” Milo- “ …because I’m an artist, and artists make art.”

It’s ok that my Spider Man shirt is dirty, I will just wear another shirt under it.

I really love to open the fish food and just smell it.

Little Wyatt likes it when I pull on his leg.

I don’t believe you that  Andre the Giant was a nice giant, he looks sneaky.

Milo to Wyatt, “Please don’t do that. If you do that again I’ll need an eye patch!”

Milo to Wyatt, “If you do that again, I’ll take away one of your toys.” (wonder where he go that one?)

I need to do a lot of exercise.

You can’t see me today. I’m camouflage!

I’m kicking you. That’s boundaries ,ok, I’ll stop.

I don’t care for the taste of beer.

Can we call Mr. Sun, we haven’t talked to him in a while. (I once duped Milo into talking to my friend Aaron on the phone, thinking  that Aaron was Mr. Sun. Aaron was instructed to tell Milo to sleep until after the sun comes up. After we got off the phone Milo wanted to know how the sun holds a cell phone and if he had pockets to keep his cell phone in.)

Alright! Let’s see that catch (ugg, football season.)

How can I help?

I was born 5/6 ago.

When I was born. Daddy said, “Its ok you’re born now.”

8 responses to “Beer, a hotdog, chocolate chip cookies, and one downward-facing dog

  1. I LOVE the painting for day 38…wish it was printed on yards of cotton fabric!

  2. Milo’s people are getting SO good! wow. he sure IS an artist. and you are so in for it with that uniquely clever little mind. i mean, the eye patch and camouflage comments.. he is hilarious!
    PS You made the right choice with the beer and cookies.. day 37 reminds me of aspens.. and ,oh yeah, i totally agree with milo, andre the giant does look a bit sneaky, think its the brow.

    • wow, i didnt even realize that this identity /avatar existed… yikes.

    • Right?! He’s really working on getting and body and head in his drawings.
      He made me cover up that OBEY poster in his room!
      Oh and I was just looking at your blog missy, it is so pretty. Please update:) I linked you if you don’t mind. Swim sign up tomorrow?

  3. thanks Delanie!
    think you may have just inspired me to start blogging again. wow, that didnt take much.
    yup, i think its time. but first off, i MUST change this awful picture of me looking like i belong dancing on top the bar at coyote ugly..

  4. Me- “why do you like to make art?” Milo- “ …because I’m an artist, and artists make art.”

    That rocks! I laughed out loud and loved this post!

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