Milo and I are having an art show!

Yppie! I want to invite you all to our show at Slice Gallery and Boutique this Friday night. We will have paintings from the project. Milo is already busy at 7:30 this morning with his sketchbook and cheerios planning some new work. He’s a little nervous about his first art show. He asked me if it was going to be loud and if people would be looking at his art. Yup and Yup. Jon and I spent a good portion of the evening ankle deep in paintings trying find the perfect 15 pieces. I think we found some jems. This show came about really quickly and I am so jazzed about getting some work up on the wall. I would love to see all your beautiful faces out on Friday.

Day sixty-one

Day sixty-two

Day sixty-three






Slice is a brand new spot on 44th and Tennyson and the owner Lauren couldn’t be nicer. Tennyson does a big art walk on first Friday and there are tons of bars and restaurants around (my personal fav is the Hole, doughnut sandwiches, yummm). The weather is supposed to be warm. Come check us out and start thinking about your handmade holiday or just come to see Jon’s giant muscles (day 60 of P90X). The Fessler fam will be there from 6 till meltdown o’clock.

Milo, day 61. "Mommy crying" (tears of joy, of course!)

Milo, day 62. "Mountain Hair"

If you live out of state or have some other reasonable excuse for missing it, I am still hosting a virtual first Friday on the website. Another 35 pieces will be up for your viewing pleasure. Everything that is not in the show will be available via the website. (I’ll post a link on Friday to remind you).

Now, what to wear, what to wear? It needs to be somewhat clean,  look good with a baby attached in the carrier and be able to hide some spit up…

PS 100% of the sales of Milo’s Monsters will go directly into his college fund.



2 responses to “Milo and I are having an art show!

  1. woo hoo! So excited for you!The campbell/rich crew will def be in da house.and, oh my gosh, “mommy crying” is too great.

  2. Ok, we are trying to come, we could get there about 7:00pm, and kids are a little I’ll, so I might have to come up on a weekend! I will seriously consider coming though! This Sunday is my bday and I thought about coming up to dtown as my special fun, museum ect. So maybe I can pick up my piece then, sorry to miss the fun, love Saylsbury’s

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