Total distraction

Adorable Distractions

Can you say distraction? Wait what were you saying, someone was serenading me with a cowboy guitar while I nursed the baby and typed with one hand. I’ve felt so distracted this week. The show was a major push then I just wanted to collapse or play outside in the nice weather, or drink Tom Collins with my mom and talk fiction, or read my library book before it is way past due. There were plenty more have to distractions too… I could worry about losing my wallet, or shake my fist at the time change, or spend some time explaining to  Milo why we never ever put our wiener “ in” when doing the Hokey Pokey,  or try to get  the kids back to sleep after Milo had decided that 3 am is a great time to eat Cheerios, or  stand in Target weeping over buying a box of rice cereal for Wyatt’s first meal,  or maybe just maybe I’d even take  a shower and change out of the Canadian tuxedo I’ve been wearing for three days.

Day sixty-four

Day sixty-five

Milo’s first art show was a success. He was standing outside the gallery jumping up and down with excitement asking people to come in and look at his art. His BoBo, his uncle, his great-grandparents, his great aunt and his Tesla and Serge all came out.  He’d then take them by the hand to see his little creations (I should take some PR lessons from my kid). He sold three paintings and this week we’ll take the money to the bank and let him deposit it in his college fund. There was a great turn out, tons of people in and out of Slice for Lauren’s grand opening.

Day sixty-six

Day sixty-seven

I felt super distracted the whole night trying to say hi to everyone, talk with people coming through, and making sure that Milo didn’t run into traffic or light himself on fire. All in all a great night which I forgot to take a single picture of (Hopefully Tanya got some good ones…)

Milo's new alley score work table

Being a parent of two small children has made it so that there are very few moments that are just for me anymore and I’ve pretty much come to terms with being a package deal. Sort of. Sometimes I’d like to have a temper tantrum and stomp my feet and cry so I get my way right when I want it. Then they do something really cute like grabbing my hand and saying they really like my art. Life with kids can be a chaotic mess and pure bliss all at the same time. I’ll take all the baby/toddler craziness now if I get to be a proud mama all over again when Milo and Wyatt are doing all sorts of cool things as grown ups. Oh, and come by their grown up houses bearing gifts of cocktails and good conversation.

Milo driving a car by himself to the mountains


3 responses to “Total distraction

  1. day67! and milo driving himself to the mtns! pure 3 year old genius.

  2. Delanie, I love your blog! You are so funny! Jon did a good job picking you!!! Milo is hilarious! I wish we were closer so we could see you all more often! Love you all.

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