Dear Jon,

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We found our old camcorder this weekend and watched home movies from our wedding reception and when Milo was a baby. We stood there watching all of these moments of our life together getting all choked up. The fact is that Jon and I are giant, sentimental dorks. We say dorky things and look pretty dorky most of the time. But in the majority of the videos we’re laughing and that cannot be a bad thing.

Milo's first sale!

Being married to your best friends has its perks. There is someone there to tell you you have buggies or that knows never to leave dirty socks in the living room, someone who will say nice things to you on demand (although he might get sick of you constantly asking for sweetsies),someone who will be honest about your work, someone who will laugh at your really bad jokes and someone who will always be there to let you sniff their beard. But marriage ain’t always the easiest thing. Living your life tethered to someone can be the most comforting thing in the world and the most constraining. Sometimes you feel so close that you’re one person and other times you’re worlds apart, and that’s ok as long as you know that a life well lived is a life lived with your partner.

Thanks, shnarf. xoxo

Milo-"Mom, this is you when you were a little girl with glasses."

But that Jon Fessler, I’ve loved that man ever since I walked into the house on 13th st. Five years after I had first met him and he stood up when I came through the door and said, “Hi, I’m Jon.” in a super awkward way. We went to see Hot Water Music and he stayed in the under 21 section to keep me company. The next night he grabbed my elbow and asked me on a date. On our first date we drank a pitcher of PBR and ate bread sticks. The next day he brought a grocery bag full of daisies into the coffee shop where I worked and I was totally gaga. Before he headed to Alaska for the summer, he gave me his Super Friends pillow case and plastic mug with a smiley face and feet to remember him by. We spent the following summer totally in LOVE, exchanging letters and packages while Jon lived in a tent inside of a tent down by a river. You’ve never heard a more romantic love story, have you?

Love LOVE young love

Almost ten years have gone by. We’ve built a home and a family complete with a rottweiler and a shed made out of shipping pallets. He’s still my best friend and he still sometimes makes me crazy. We had a family weekend this weekend; bacon egg and cheese biscuits for dinner, checking on the art and picking up Milo’s first check, donuts and beer, bad tv (after Milo went to bed) and lots of chit chat with conversations that start with, “you know what would be awesome…” and planning our future in a million and one directions. All while drinking tea and snuggling our kids.

It can be really hard to remember that people don’t know what you need until you tell them. Men are from Mars women are from Venus…But, the weather is cool and the house is warm and we’re staying in. Love you Papa bear.

Day seventy-two

Day seventy-one

PS We’ve made some great trades so far, keep ’em coming!

7 responses to “Dear Jon,

  1. What a sweet tender post 🙂
    I’ll trade you vintage aprons!

  2. it really is be in love, and to grow old together…I can say that because Uncle Larry hit 64 today. We went to Busch Gardens with Casey and Laurine….It is a beautiful place to spend a lovely Sunday afternoon. Even after 44 years, we still hold hands, laugh and cry and tell stories, reminisce, and plan for tomorrows. We are each other’s best friend and still drive each other nuts. Now, we discover that our arguments often have to do with just not hearing what the other said! But that could have to do with U.Larry’s favorite rule to fighting: Fight naked! I like it because being naked is a woman’s best way to stop, if not win, a fight!

  3. wow. what a sweet post! thanks for sharing! you have something so special, it is really an inspiration to see the way you work together. love love love you guys!

  4. You have an amazing relationship. I also have years and years of love with my Ken. From an oldster to a youngster, rely on the respect you have for each other when love seems to fade or fail. It will lead you to act with integrity and that nevers fails you when the joy and love reemerges (which it will!) Best wishes…I hope Milo enjoyed receiving his first check!

  5. jonathan fessler

    I love you baby!

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