She’s crafty, she gets around (in a huge SUV).

After reading Miss Wrangler’s post on making a sweet soaker this morning, I go to thinking about getting crafty. I’m one of those chicks with a failed Etsy, bins and bins of fabric, drawers of yarn, needles, paint, thread, tools, felt, and all other stuff that might one day become something sweet. In the fall and winter months I just want to cozy up, bake some muffins (which did not turn out well at all) and get to making something.

Apple oat yuck muffins

Milo, Day seventy-seven

I’ve decided this year to make sets of cloth napkins out of reclaimed fabric as holiday gifts (now you all know what you’re getting). Thinking that now would be the time to learn how to use the serger my grandma got for my mom a few years back, I asked my mom to bring it over.  After dinner last night, we went out to the car to retrieve the serger…um, yeah.

So many parts...

These are the directions.

I am reading Radical Homemakers right now and in one part of the book, the author says that we have lost the ability or the belief that we can teach ourselves things. I think I agree. It’s easier to buy something than it is to make it or to fix it yourself. We just had to buy a new fridge after only five years because they manufacture them so they will not last and if they do break, the repair costs are equal to just buying a whole new fridge.

Day seventy-six

Day seventy-seven

This is just part and parcel of all sorts of consumer guilt I’ve been having these days…I buy beans in cans, I buy frozen sweet potato fries, I shop the clearance rack a Target, I buy baby wipes instead of making them myself, I only cloth diaper at home and I put them in the dryer, I drive a giant SUV, I have a DVR, I lather, rinse and repeat. I am hopeless. In my wildest dreams, I am living off only the goods and foods I can grow and barter for. I am sewing my children’s clothes from flour sacks. I ride my trike with one kid in the Ibert and one kid in the trailer laden with fresh fruits and vegetables from the farmer’s market. Too much? Ok, maybe I just take a little bit more time to use a little bit less and be a little bit more useful.

The art teacher forgot that when you mix all the colors, you get brown, sparkly brown.

I am still super intimidated by this machine. I’m a pretty quick study for the most part and I am determined to figure this thing out (with the possibility of a few phone calls to Aunt Kathy, the sewing machine queen). Hopefully, neither our crayon recycling project yesterday, nor my failed muffins this morning will be an indicator of future crafting success.

7 responses to “She’s crafty, she gets around (in a huge SUV).

  1. Your goal for the surger should be to re-write the directions in some sort of coherant fashion. Inevitably you’ll figure the machine out in the process and make it easier for the next lucky surger. Those directions are acually quite a piece of art in there own right.

  2. There are about a million youtube videos about threading sergers…perhaps one of them is applicable?

  3. thx for the plug:)
    those muffins look deeeelicious.
    i remember we did that crayon project couple years ago and i think we just broke em all up and put a few into each cup of a muffin tin… but, you prolly figured that out now:)
    and… i bow down to you and that serger project.. i have the serger attatchmentto this sewing machine too, but it is MUCH smaller, so im thinking i am missing pieces or something…

  4. Delanie your blog is awesome. I am trying to figure out what I could trade for one of your paintings. i know what you mean i am going through the same thing wanting to get crafty and I think for me half the battle is just getting started again after a long time off! Good luck with the gifts

  5. no phone call so does that mean you and the bernina have made friends? hope so..if not you have my number….or I can hand write some more crazy directions and scan them over! Wish I could just drop by and give you a lesson! That would be so much more fun! Hitting the pillow teaching a machine quilting class in the popular that I had to put on a 2nd class for the over flow of students! Love it! Love you guys so much more!

    • Your directions were actually super helpful. I had to rethread it and that was a challenge…Milo isnow snuggled up with a poorly constructed pillow from my first attempts. I’ll call if I get lost. So glad to hear your classes are popular, I would be there if I could! Ps Your painting is shipping in the am!xoxo

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