18 days to go and I could really use a nap.

My mom let me paint my furniture...

We have 18 more days of this project left. I’m starting to get nervous about what will become of me when this is done. I’m also a little excited to be done. I could really use the extra time to sleep or fold laundry (Milo asked me why I don’t care for the things in my closet). Will I go back to my old ways of procrastination and Debbie-downer-ness? Will I keep writing and making art regularly? I’m not so worried about Milo, he’s got so much motivation and drive to make things, he’ll be showing at MoMA any day now.

Day seventy-eight

Day seventy-nine

day eighty

Day eighty-one

I cleaned out the studio today and found my hand written strategic plan that I made on my  30th birthday (I’ve mentioned my love of strategic planning before).

Strategic planning

My current reality on August 29th was:

  • don’t make time for art making
  • want to make a career of it
  • lack skills to market myself
  • website is out of date
  • need more contacts
  • no shows

My desired reality was:

  • show work in a gallery
  • paint everyday
  • make large and small work
  • have a great website
  • understand the business of art
  • be able to speak and write about my work

So far so good. I still don’t understand the business of art. I would love to know how to get people I don’t know to see and actually buy something. PR and marketing is not my forte. But I’m on my way. I’m doing more with this whole art making/showing/selling business now than I ever had and I’m starting to feel like I’m spinning plates and that ain’t too bad. Time to revise the vision and move on and up.

Just like standing up a t an AA meeting, right? My name is Delanie and I’m an artist.

Milo found my supplies from life-drawing class

Draw, draw, draw your crazies out.


8 responses to “18 days to go and I could really use a nap.

  1. Yeah! You can do eet!! Also, remind me to share a handout on the business side of being a working artist/teaching artist I got from the chair of my dept. All manner of things are tax deductible for the likes of we, as long as you itemize (I imagine you do?).

  2. Day 81 is my fave. Very planetary.
    Love you. You are doing great.

  3. I’m so excited I now own my own original Delanie watercolor…I love it!!!! THANK YOU!! Your stuff will be mailed tomorrow or Wed.
    My name is Kthleen and I am an artist!

  4. you have done SO MUCH in so little time.. if you do take a break after, it is well deserved… though i bet you’ll keep right on creating and developing your career, now you are on a roll.
    p.s.milo’s mittens are turning out pretty awesome, and..if you haven’t made a moody cow “mind jar” yet, we should set a date to do that. 🙂

  5. I’m just that lazy, entering emails, names, INFORMATION, that I never post…but I always read 🙂 And I have to agree with Lisa…day 81..although it was day 80 that first struck me..and then 81 too, of course logically speaking, as it happened I saw them–and I don’t know why but they did! Delanie, you’ll always be an artist making art, when this particular project ends you’ll already be in the midst of countless others. Of course you’ll be making, doing, weaving, sketching, forming something, i.e. everything–and always–’cause that’s what you do, you’re Delanie!! But once this particular project ends, please remember to keep your discipline of writing–it suits you well! -b

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