Home for the holidays

Happy holidays

Ahhh home. I’m a homebody for sure, always have been. There has only been two months of my adult life where I lived out of boxes at my mom’s. I moved out when I was seventeen. I got a coffee maker and bean grinder for my high school graduation. I like to make sure that where ever I live feels cozy and warm and decorated, the paintings need to be hung and curtains go up right away. There’s something super special about home during the holidays. Have I mentioned that I like to cozy up in some rather unattractive slippers, cook, bake, drink tea and craft? This is the premier season for such activities.

I made these myself, if you couldn't tell.

We got our Christmas tree today and decorated it with all of the ornaments from when I was a kid. I got all sentimental and nostalgic. Something changes when you have kids and all of that fun, hokey tradition becomes so fun again. (Milo just sold me a pretend Christmas tree for five dollars, what a deal!) Anyways, when I was a kid my mom would go all out on Christmas, cookies, decorations, toys. And it t was craziness and if you were at my Grandma’s. The living room would be waist deep in packages and it would take all twenty of us until noon to open them (I will not discuss the year I got my first bra as a Christmas gift, you can imagine.) We’re still figuring out our new traditions as our little home family unit. I can expect there will be some bacon and crepes involved and I can guarantee there will be jammies.

Day eighty-six

Dat eighty-seven

Day eighty-eight

I’m all for creating traditions and memories for my kids, whatever that looks like. Milo’s Nanny and Aunts are Jehovah Witnesses so they don’t do holidays, but when Milo went to visit in August, his Nanny had this awesome treasure hunt set up and he felt so special.  My mom used to throw these awesome Solstice parties with a fiber optic spinning tree and cassoulete for dinner, we’d all light a candles and welcome back the light (until the glass bowl  the candles were in exploded and there was a small fire, no one was hurt.)And we try to play croquette if the weather is nice on Christmas.  I’m kind of looking forward to being done with the commitment to paint everyday and spend a few weeks  watching Christmas Story a hundred times, hanging with friends and family and making traditions, home, gifts  (I got the serger thing down, I think), cooking, drinking, and eating. Who knows maybe I’ll even sleep.

Milo has not drawn in days thanks to these awesome pipecleaners. Endless possibilities.


One response to “Home for the holidays

  1. those stockings are adorable! i’m workin on serge’s considering this will be our first xmas at home, yay! Love love love this time of year!!! I’d love to do pictures for you guys if you want..

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