Chelsea gave me this years ago and I found it right when I started this project.

Click here for images from the past 35 days

Day 100! The paint is still wet!

I’ve been racking my brain all day to come up with the best, the most poignant post to commemorate finishing this project. But all I can imagine is the Simpson’s episode where Homer bowls a 300 and one sad balloon falls from the ceiling. The last week has been weird. My once sleepy baby has decided that sleeping is for the birds and I am in a sleep deprived fog. I caught some guy jumping our fence after he broke into our tool shed and to top it off I lost Miss Alyssa’s G9 camera that I had used to document this whole shebang (hence the really bad last few images and lack of posts this week). Thumbs down.

Grumpface doesn't want mommy to frame anymore art.

Everyday suckiness aside. I did it! I set out to paint a painting everyday for 100 days and I did it, no cheating. Milo made tons of art with no pressure to keep it up. He’s really into dress up imaginative play right now. We spend most mornings finding the perfect outfit for whatever guy he’s being. Yesterday he was a cop after the police came to do the report.

Good cop, bad cop

What I really loved about this project was the conversations I’ve had with friends and family about doing what you love, about getting up and getting doing. Creativity seems to be in the air and I’m glad to be a part of it.

This quote from Tchaikovsky sums things up nicely:
“These last few days I’ve experienced a certain vague dissatisfaction with myself, an over-frequent and almost irresistible desire to sleep, a certain emptiness and ultimately boredom…finally yesterday it became fully apparent to me what was the matter. I had to get on with something: I find myself absolutely incapable of living long without work. Today I began to create something, and the boredom vanished as if by magic.”


To create is to live. It is not always pretty and it isn’t always easy but it’s a lot of fun. Helping to create the little people in my world to be good, kind, creative people is the best kind of work and making paintings ain’t too bad either.

So, what’s next? I’ll fix up the website and keep up on the sales and trades but, beyond that I am soliciting ideas on where to go from here. Jon and I were thinking about some extreme diet and fitness deprivation program or living like its 1910 for 100 days. Help us out here people…

XOXO from the Fessler fam.


7 responses to “100!

  1. I like diet and fitness deprivation.
    By that I mean- deprive yourself of diets and fitness.

    For reals, though…
    Good job girl, you did it. You did amazing work. If every wall in our little house wasn’t already covered with your art, I’d get some more.

  2. why not just keep posting your thoughts when you feel like it? I have certainly enjoyed reading them, seeing the photos of paintings and kids and other such things! Having a great time with Grammie and Popeye and Ryan home too! Congratulations for succeeding your 100 days and 100 paintings! I love mine, hope you got my box of tea towels! Love Aunt Kathy

  3. Awesome day 100 love the color. So grateful I stumbled upon Jon on fbook and he turn me on to your blog. Was it 300 or 3000 sippy cups?

  4. Awesome day 100 the kids and I love the colors. I’m so grateful that I stumbled upon Jon on facebook and he turned me on to your blog. Was it 300 or 3000 sippy cups? Keep writeing we enjoy reading.

  5. Awesome day 100 the kids and I love the colors. Was it 300 or 3000 sippy cups? Keep writing and we will keep reading. I hope your string of bad luck is over. Have Fun

  6. congrats on such a wonderful project and also that quote is absolutely the truest thing in life!

  7. How about living like it’s 2110? Maybe there’ll be less polio and fossil fuel burning than 1910 and more robot dancing and education. Maybe.

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