The Boogy Monster

Extreme germ fighting measures were taken by all

Life! we’ve been keeping afloat in a sea of germs. A family of sickies and cold weather has made us a sorry bunch. Today was really the first good day we’ve had in a while. We played in the snow and went to the museum (mom, did you know that there were things called shark birds?). Last night while Tony Horton was telling me to, “just clear all the crap” from my mind while doing a sun salutation I started to think about the concept of contentment. I’m not very good at content. In a very American way, I always want things to be better and we all  know my battle with perfection.

They're feeling better

When sickness invaded or home for the second time in a month, I had to stop trying to achieve anything and just manage to function each day. Just keeping the dishes and laundry contained has seemed like plenty. The kids have been super needy and challenging in all new ways. Wyatt has decided that sleeping is lame and Milo has become fascinated with guns and violence and saying mean things.

I'm returning him for a baby that sleeps all night

Here’s our novel approach to Milo’s need to chill out.

Milo's chill down spot

We’ve made a little spot in his room that we call his chill down spot. He’s got pictures of and artwork from many of his favorite people and he’s got his mind jar (glitter and water) that he can shake up and watch settle when he gets overwhelmed. We made these super sweet bubble prints for above his bed. We even added a Shiva, bamboo,  and a LED candle to his little alter. When he gets fired up or is unkind, he can head up there and grab a book and hang. It seems like he’s getting more comfortable with it everyday and I find him up there often. He also started yoga classes, which he super loved. He’s asked to go every day since we went. Milo told me today that he doesn’t want to be a mean guy, that he wants to be a nice guy (good call buddy).

My new favorite art making technique

He's one happy dude

When I was moving his play kitchen out of his room I found a flyer for Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. Now Milo looks at it and asks himself, “what would Sri Sri do?” Sri Sri’s vision is for, “a violence-free and a stress-free world.” Doesn’t that sound nice? Jon and I went to see him speak when I was pregnant with Wyatt and during  the group meditation I fell asleep. Not just asleep, stone cold, jerk yourself awake when your head falls onto the shoulder of the person next to you asleep. I did remember right before I fell asleep, feeling very content. I think I’ll welcome that feeling back to my life. Joy, calm, and satisfaction, tempered with just enough disequilibrium to keeping moving forward but not so much that I’m a basket case. Note to self: be less of a basket case, chill down more and try not to fall asleep.

Tiny bubbles...


One response to “The Boogy Monster

  1. I have always believed that blowing bubbles is a great meditation tool! Love Milo’s scuba gear. And the photos of Wyatt are the sweetest! Hope you are all bouncing with good health tomorrow and the rest of the winter!love you Aunt Kathy

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