Aww, friends. xoxo



Milo's maties got these sweet valentines and eye patches.

You people, you. Valentine’s Day had come and gone and I’m having a love affair with my friends (that didn’t sound right). We all already know how much I love Jon so I’m dedicating this (two days late)  Vday post to all my beautiful friends. Three of my most favorite people were here this past weekend, we celebrated the little person growing in Miss Alyssa’s belly and my mom turned 60. I am full of love, food, wine, and good vibes. And I spent the afternoon chit chatting and eating Thai food with one of my oldest and dearest friends.

Blessing shwag

Cards to write sweet nothings to the baby and mama

Good friends are necessity in life and my buds are as much my fam as my fam and that’s saying a lot because I am pretty darn tight with my family.  And now that we can see miss wrangler and the koala’s house from our house and the Levy’s are moving from LA, I feel some potluck dinners coming on. We’ve been doing it up DIY style and making all kinds of lovely things for all these beautiful people and heart shapes pancakes for ourselves.

Now Jessica I. can wipe her chin with my old curtains

It was so darn cute to see Milo give and get valentines. He loves loves loves to give gifts and make special things for people, especially Sergei.

"Mom, can you help me make Sergei's curls?"

Hearts for two of Milo's favorite ladies


2 responses to “Aww, friends. xoxo

  1. 1. awesomest homemade valentines everrrrr!

    2. most perfectest wonderfulest mama/baby blessing in the history of time.

    and 3. you definitely set a record for most things made from one skirts worth of fabric, is there any of that thing left? if so, id like a pair of boxers for john, and matching set for sergei and the lil guy when you get a chance. and a tablecloth. and a set of curtains.

  2. you make good things. 🙂 I don’t…so I think in a way that makes me extra, extra appreciate the things you so wonderfully do :

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