Playdough and Microfilm

Honestly, I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately. I’m moving forward but not at the pace I envisioned.  Blerg.  I am going to try to look on the sunnyside of things:

I share my life with these three yahoos.

Larry, Moe, and Curly

My sweet boy came up to me the other day and gave me these Thank You notes for making him robot pillows.

That's preschooler for "thank you."

Robot pillows for the chill down spot

Not to mention I have paintings up at a new little gelato shop, working on a secret bday trade for a friend, some German design publication contacted me, two of my paintings  sold at Milo’s preschool auction, and one of my best girl’s just bought two paintings to be shipped to Finland tomorrow, and I am busy trying to get going on some new stuff for my show at Mod Livin’ in April. Wow, once I wrote all that down I felt much better about things. Aaanndd, the parents at Milo’s school all said really nice things about him, like how cute an funny and nice he is.

Working on some top secret bubble art

I have a tendency to make up stories in my head about how no one likes me or my kids and how I should go into hiding until I become a better person and my children stop acting like children. Well, I woke up this morning and have decided to say f-it to all that nonsense. So what if my closet is a three feet high clothes pile, I’ve had one before and you haven’t de-friended me yet (you probably jumped into it looking for something cute to wear).

So what if I only manage to work out two times this week, and I’m pretty sure I’m addicted sugar, and I only blog once a week at best and I only shower every other day, and the dishes from yesterday are still in the sink, and it takes me two weeks to finish a book  and my kids have food on their faces, and my car is full of bunny grahms, sticks, and gum wrappers. I’ll chalk up my imperfect life to my flare for the creative. My friend Shari once said that the size of the piles on one’s desk is directly related to their intelligence. The bigger the pile, the smarter the lady. I must be really smart!

You have a little something on your face

I also had grand plans to shoot some sweet pics of our little abode and pretend like my blog is our feature in Sunset magazine all about decorating on the cheap using DIY, Craig’s List, second hand stores, and alley scores. Maybe next week when I’m  feeling perfect-er. Today I’m going to take a cue from my boy and just be thankful for the whole big mess that is my life.

I thought I’d at least share a few fun discoveries. The first is how awesome micro-film is. Jon and I went to the library on Friday and spent a few hours winding through old newspapers. The sound of the machine, the knobs, the film, its all so fun. I printed out a few choice images from the Denver Post on the day I was born in 1980. We also scored all these rad posters mounted on foam core for 5 bucks a piece. The library prints tons of primary source materials, maps photos,etc for exhibits and sell them when they’re done.

10th Mountain Division

Miss Sue Wood was arrested for roller skating in the pavilion at Cheesman Park! How dare she!?

Heavy load coming through

And now something for the kids…my easy peasy play dough recipe.

2 cups all purpose flour1/2 cup table salt

1 cup hot water

1 teaspoon cooking oil

tempera for color

Mix salt and flour. Slowly mix water and oil while stirring. When it becomes hard to stir mix with your hands when the flour leaves the sides of the bowl  and and ball is formed, remove from bowl and knead for a bit (add more flour here if it’s still too sticky).

For Milo’s super cool building blocks, form and cook at 200 degrees for an hour or more. They lose their color considerably but you can paint them or color them with marker.


6 responses to “Playdough and Microfilm

  1. LOL
    “My friend shari once said…” Jeje.
    Well, I think you sound like a mother of preschoolers to me. That is a precious, precious time, so savor it. You are wonderful, everyone that we collectively know adores you and thinks you are great. Which you are.
    Let’s hook up over spring break (end of the month) because I have some sweet vintage fabrics to trade you, and, BTW that is my favorite playdough recipie. And if you use koolaide for the color, they can eat it! Love ya!

  2. What a fun family blog. Something for everyone. It’s great! Those kids are delicious!

  3. Those library prints are so great! i am feeling l like i can barely keep it together lately as well… like i could burst out crying any second..and i dont even have that second kiddo out yet. And the closet piles. i soooo thought this house was going to be different that way, but no. still hidin my messes in piley closety spots and drawers. Thanks for your honesty, makes all us equally as unsure at times and messy behind closed doors mamas feel better.

  4. so, there is a price to being an amazingly creative woman, wife, and mom…..I’ll take that over being the “always everything in its place, kids’ faces always shining clean and never a dirty dish in sight” kind of woman! Besides, I know I’m prejudice but we are a lot more fun! Always enjoy those kids, take time to be creative and have no regrets other than they all grow up too fast! Can’t believe tad is 44 today! Love you Aunt Kathy PS Thank Milo for the thank you gave me a HUGE SMILE!!!! Also love the pic of Wyatt in the high chair what a munchkin!

  5. Delanie, I love that you are saying f-it to all that nonsense. I can totally relate. That is a really inspiring notion for me. Oh, the pile in my closet may be larger than yours. I keep meaning to organize it…hasn’t happened. I to am trying to be thankful for the mess that is my life. 🙂

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