The average homemaker spends 15 years in the kitchen

There’s not much that antibiotics and some under-eye concealer can’t fix. Our littlest man blessed us with double ear infections. It’s been a rough couple of nights. Oy! Ok, moving on.

The clothes pile is still a mile high but I managed to keep the house clean long enough to shoot a few pics of our DIY casa. I’d be happy to help you decorate your house if you don’t mind it taking eight years. Let’s start in the kitchen, my favorite spot to stand and drink copious amounts of coffee while Milo drives his trucks through flour and Wyatt pulls everything out of the cabinets.

vroom vroom

Everyone loves corndogs!

cornbread batter in muffin tin, add 1/3 uncured dog.


cook for 20 minutes at 350

yum yum

Now for the decorating. Our kitchen is tiny and was in bad shape when we moved in. We’ve painted the cabinets and done the floors. We’re really just waiting for IKEA to open before we gut the old girl. But in the mean time I have a pretty rockin’ collection of vintage finds.


The shelves were salvaged from a mountain cabin. The big canisters were my mama’s and the paper towel, foil, and wax copper box was a thrift score from my Saturday afternoon high school era thrifting adventures.

Everything in it's place

Gifted from Grammie, thrifted, ,inherited from my great uncle , thrifted and a little peak at more chalk board.


We like to collect commemorative plates from places we'd never want to go.

$2 thrifted chalkboard at kid height

The ulitmate upcycle, a rag rug made by my great-grandma

The last and best thing about our kitchen is when Chef Aaron comes over and roasts up a delicious chicken dinner.

Wish you had smell-o-vision

Coming up next post…Jon is a DIY master, pallet shed, Milo-land, alley scores, and rust farms.



4 responses to “The average homemaker spends 15 years in the kitchen

  1. I don’t know why, but that turkey looks like a shy naked grandma to me. I’m jealous of your heirlooms, my grandparents were into golf and budweiser. Sigh..

  2. something about those corn dog muffins is really creepin’ me out.. in a delicious mouth watering sort of way of course.
    Your kitchen is amazing. i distinctly remember the lazy, inferior feeling i got when i first laid eyes upon it..
    🙂 Ive never noticed that rag rug! So pretty!

  3. So sorry that Wyatt was such a sicky! We got hit really hard here too. So over these winter colds!

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