Having a big ol’ family is a good thing.

Aww, love

Last week my big ol’ family got together to do a little spring cleaning at my grandparent’s. 25 grown ups and kids did everything from straighten rugs, to polishing silver, to hanging doors. It was down right remarkable to see four generations cleaning and eating, and eating some more. At one point my grammy was showing us how to use her Mangle (a huge ironing machine) while she did a little dance wile music played on the record player.

toiling away

There is something quite remarkable about how my grandmother makes home. Homemaking is her profession and she is damn good at it. After only about an hour we were all kind of standing around trying to find things to clean and straighten.

Jon is please with his new Lava soap

She’s a very special lady. She’s silly and creative and kind. She always has something she got a good deal on, a half finished project to share, a treat in the pantry and a hot cup of coffee ready for you. Love that lady.

Tough as nails

She and my grandpa both came from less than stable childhoods and over the course of 85 years and 67  years of marriage have become the pillars of our clan.  I know I’ve written a few other times about my fam but these people are truly special.

Me, "Milo can you be my helper and make your brother laugh?" Milo, "No Mom, I'm Grammy's helper today."

To all the folks I know  who are busy making beautiful babies,

Let’s all hope that when we’re 85 that our kids, their kids, and their kids’ kids come help us clean up the yard and the garage and polish the silver.

It's pretty safe to assume that someone will be holding the baby


One response to “Having a big ol’ family is a good thing.

  1. Thank you to my Aunt Kathy for dropping these pics in my mailbox. See you next week?

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