Cheeseburgers and paintings

48 hours from now if you live in the Denver metro area you will most likely be full from eating cheeseburgers at Delux, relaxing and sipping lemonade while looking at my best work yet up now at Mod Livin’.

He has art hanging skills.

Thanks to my big brother for hanging things level, to my mom for babysitting, and to Jon for helping me frame close to 30 pieces and for always being an honest eye.

Seeing them in person is better

I’ve painted four new pieces as well as 12 new small bubble prints (check out the pop up shop upstairs for a sweet deal) for this show and I am super excited with the outcome. I’ve been working with the concept of tension and opposites in my work for a long time and I’ve now delved into how these tensions resonate in our bodies. Each of my bigger works is an abstract representation of an elemental force, air, water, earth, sound. You’ll see. I think you’ll like them.

RSVP on facebook


Nothing to wear? Tarosa @ Wishlist Vintage is hosting a massive vintage clearance Friday and Saturday! Going to get myself something special!


One response to “Cheeseburgers and paintings

  1. Kathleen Peel

    love the new colors! something about raspberry intrigues me lately! good luck with the show! wish
    i could be there!

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