The full moon, dream catcher and Eisenhower connection

I know, I know I’ve been blogging super sporatically lately. No real reason, I’ve just been enjoying my real deal everyday life. Not too bad of an excuse, eh?

If you didn’t already know, I kind of have  thing for circles. I think they are so sweet and perfect and useful. My week has been connected by all things round. We’ll start with the big pie in sky. The moon was full on Sunday. I know not by looking into the sky but by being baffled the whole day as to why my usually pretty good kid is a complete and total emotional mess. Full moons affect kids behavior. It’s true. When I’m teaching you can bet your money that by lunch time every teacher and para is stumbling into the teacher’s lounge with more than a few hairs out of place wondering why the kids are so wild. Someone will look up from their microwave meal and mumble, “full moon.” Everyone says, “ah, yes,” and goes about the rest of their day at least knowing that it will pass.

Lunar Psychosis

I took Milo over to his BoBo’s that day where he chucked a beach ball (another circle/sphere) at his brother’s head. Damn you full moon!

Full moon crazies

The next day Milo was back to his adorable self and asked to make a dream catcher for all his bad dreams. I think there is supposed to be a hole in the center for the good dreams to pass through but this one just catches ’em all. Maybe Milo will sleep better if he doesn’t dream at all. He’s a big time sleep giggler.

Dream catcher

Other circles in my life this week…I also have a thing for commemorative plates and I scored a whole gaggle at a church yard sale over the weekend. I can now look up and ask myself, “What would Dwight D. Eisenhower do?”

Fresh to Delft

4 responses to “The full moon, dream catcher and Eisenhower connection


  2. I love that plate

  3. okay, I would have got a zero on that test that asks do you know anyone who likes plates with pictures of dead presidents on them! I love the moon, it helps me to feel connected to my kids, and nieces and nephews that are far away. I alos have a favorite prayer: I see the moon, the moon sees me. God bless the moon and God bless me! HAPPY EASTER! love you

  4. Yeah…what would Dwight do?…probably throw a ball at someone’s head.

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