My mom is rad

Does your mom make a mean cosmo and know how to write books and make dresses? Mine does. When ever I am in serious need of parenting help, there she is to talk me off the ledge. She’s a little crazy but a little crazy goes great with being a mom and makes her super fun. Just thought I’d share a few recent quotes from my mom who just so happens to be a super rad lady.

My Aunt on the left, my mom on the right. She's gonna kill me for this pic! Love you mom. xoxo

Quote 1: “Here’s the crock pot I found in the dumpster, I cleaned it up for you, printed the user manual, and tested it out.”

Does your mom shoplift unicorn bookends? Mine does.

Quote 2: “I think I accidentally stole those unicorn book ends from the church sale.”

To be fair she just underpaid for them but it was the cashier’s mistake. She’s an honest lady for sure.

Quote #3: Mom was hanging out after watching the kiddos this morning and looked out back. “Milo is peeing on the easel and the dog is in the flower bed!”

She then laughed and laughed at the absurdity of my stage in life…dog, toddler, baby, etc. Then she left to go back to her cozy home, alone! (I think I’ve all but forgotten what being alone feels like, I can’t even seem to go to the bathroom with out at least one kid) and work on her novel…I just lost my train of thought, Milo was beating himself in the head with a tin tray.Anyways, mom’s are rad, especially mine. If you have one, call her and tell her that you love her.

Love you mom and thanks again for loving me and crazy kids!


One response to “My mom is rad

  1. and to think she’s my sister!!! Makes me proud!!!
    Did I ever tell you about the time way back when, your mom was maybe third grade, I was in high school and this young man called to say he was going to come over and introduce himself to Dad so he could get permission to take me on a date (which i knew would fail since he was in college and I was 15!) Your mom was running through the backyards (yes plural!) yelling “A boy’s coming to see Kathy! A boy s coming to see Kathy!” Even then though embarassed I thought it was pretty funny!

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