How my baby was born. Happy birthday kiddo.

My baby boy was born a  year ago today. And just yesterday I got to attend the birth of one of my best friend’s second child. Seeing a baby be born ranks up there with one of the most amazing things I’ve ever experienced. Nothing is more creative than making a person and shepherding them into the world.

My boys. A terrible cell phone picture, I know.

I thought I’d share Wyatt’s birth story.

With both my boys I had false or prodormal labor for two weeks leading up to their births. False labor is tiring emotionally and physically. I kept thinking, “this is it!” and then…nothing. With Milo I had nothing to compare and two weeks before he was born both my parents flew in and were sitting in my living room staring at me on what would’ve been their wedding anniversary (can you say, awkward?).  With Wyatt, I waited. I took a few sick days when I wasn’t quite sure. The day before he was born I was at work and by lunch I could tell that something was going on (this is going to get a little graphic, be forewarned.) I was leaking fluid and having some mild contractions. I decided to head home at lunch time. The thought of teaching 25 kindergarteners while leaking amniotic fluid wasn’t too appealing. The rest of the day was pretty normal, some contractions but nothing major. Milo and I snuggled all afternoon.

That night beginning around 3:30, I would wake up to a contraction after each contraction I fell back asleep until another would come about ten minutes later. I got up at six, made coffee and fed the dog. As I moved around my contractions steadied to five minutes apart.  I woke Jon at 6:30 and asked him if he wan’t to go have a baby today. He asked if he could go back to sleep, not realizing that I was serious. I told him that it was happening, now!

I called my mom, then my doula. Mom got over to the house around eight. It was such a normal morning that Milo just figured we were going to work. We kissed our boy and headed to the hospital.

We got to St. Joe’s around 8:30 and checked in. They set us up in a triage room while they prepared a birthing room. I was already dilated to 5cm. Our doula, Penny arrived a few minutes later. Penny was at Milo’s birth. She is an amazing, extremely experienced doula. She knows the ins and outs of the hospital and the staff. Penny has that super mama calming vibe that makes anything bearable. We ended up with the same nurse that helped with Milo three years earlier. Sarah, a big, loud and funny lady.

We headed upstairs around 9 to our birthing room. Penny got the tub ready and my contractions were still strong and steady. I got in the tub. We laughed and joked between contractions. The mood was mellow and the lights were low. I labored in the tub for a while and when things started to pick up  I got out and moved to the birthing room.

I was already in transition and I wanted to labor standing. Jon held me and I swayed back and forth. The resident wanted to check me but I wouldn’t move. I was happy where I was and I told her that if I felt ready to push I would, cirvical check or not. Then, I felt Wyatt come down and turn. He had been facing forward. It was a huge relief and I could then get on  the bed to be checked.  I was close.

I stood back up and labored a bit more, riding the wave of contractions. I was feeling the urge to push and began to bear down. The Dr. came in and insisted that I get on the bed. She said she would not catch the baby on the floor. I compromised and agreed to push lying on my side (I pushed on my back with Milo and broke my tail bone).

I got on the bed, they prepared the room. Then, it was time to push. I hadn’t allowed the nurse to break my water and the bag of waters was still intact. The doctor and my doula said it was very rare for a baby to be born “in the cull” or still inside the bag of waters and it is sadi to be very auspicous. Everyone was watching closely. I began to push. Jon was right by my side. He is the best birth partner a woman could ever ask for. He was always calm and reassuring.

I pushed for 30 minutes and everyone chit chatted in between contractions. Then, as he was crowning the bag burst and gave everyone a good show (gross, I know!). Wyatt was born at 11:30 am. Just three hours after we arrived at the hospital. He weighed 6 pounds 15 oz. He was perfect in every way. They brought him to my chest and he found my breast and began to nurse. I ordered a turkey burger and lemonade, texted everyone to let them know he was here and off we went on the adventure that is parenting.

Wyatt’s birth was mellow and happy and fun, all without medical intervention. And within an hour my other little perfect human came to the hospital to meet his little bro. He was all smiles and very gentle. Wyatt continues to be a happy mellow and fun kid. Happy birthday little man, mama loves you.

Such a big boy now.


4 responses to “How my baby was born. Happy birthday kiddo.

  1. Sounds perfect! I love birth stories and no, yours is not gross! Hell, I talked about pooping the bed in mine ! 🙂

  2. What a lovely birth story, Delanie! Truly ideal way to come into this world… What a lucky boy. Ii gotta write mine up too… thanks for the reminder.
    ( Though mine will be a bit harrier for sure… 😉
    Cant believe it has been a year, he is such a bright and happy guy! So glad to know him and your whole family of course.

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