Oh, blog.

Damn you blog. You give me anxiety. I give you no love or attention anymore. I think of all sorts of things to write and have tons of stories and pictures to share. I just can’t seem to put finger to keyboard. Oh well. I am always really good and starting things and sometimes good at keeping them up. Fits and starts. That’s me.

A little taste of something new

Any who, I wanted to make sure no one misses my all out media blitz for my new show opening on June 10th. Lots of new fun stuff to be seen and purchased.  Check out the flyer below for all the details. There will be all sorts of tasty wines on special. Let’s get dolled up, have some drinks, and talk about art.


2 responses to “Oh, blog.

  1. Ohhhhhhhhhh! LOVE love love it!
    See you then!

  2. Kathleen Peel

    love the “something new” like looking into a mass of bubbles! Good luck with the show…hopeit gets lots of attention and some followers with cash olla! Love you!

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