nothing like a jump in a bouncy castle to clear the mind

Feeling a whole lot better, thank you very much. After my last post, I got all sorts of love from my beautiful friends and fam. Thank you again to all of you who talked me down from crazy land. I realize that I might need to chill the f#&% out (it pains me greatly to say that).

And so I did, and guess what? I had the most beautiful day today. I thought I might share…

Got up at 7:30 (which is late for me). Milo dressed himself and Jon made the coffee and breakfast for the kiddo. Then, I went to yoga with my girl, she bought me coffee after, love her. Headed home and we all worked on the yard and ate big sandwiches for lunch from the groceries my dad brought over yesterday. After nap time we road bikes over to the Rhino to a friend’s warehouse for a party.

His place was amazing. The front of the warehouse was his studio (he’s a sculptor) shared with another painter. In the back, living space full of Buddhist sculptures, a grand piano and some beautiful artwork . Milo was in heaven. Three of his most favorite things were brought together under one roof, a bouncy castle, a jazz band, and an open art studio with unlimited access to canvas and paints ( four things really, if you count the nacho cheese doritos).

He's in a blue period

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I have those days where I see just the right people at just the right time.  Today was one of those days. Thank you all you lovely, open, chilled out people and for the bouncy castle.


2 responses to “nothing like a jump in a bouncy castle to clear the mind

  1. Today was great! I think that we should make that a Sunday morning ritual, I am getting a 20 class card. And….I am seriously impressed with your ability to support yourself sideways on just your hands with your legs resting on them. Holy cow.

  2. Yes! I can’t wait to show you all my yoga cool tricks. And after 20 classes, you will be rocking the sideways arm balance, no problem. Have I mentioned how glad I am that you moved to Denver?!

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