My New Lover

I’ve fallen in love with someone new. He’s sweet and he sticks around. His name is homemade wheat paste. I had forgotten the beauty of this simple substance. Back in my art school days we used wheat paste (all be it store bought) for all sorts of things.

Milo and I worked on this wheat paste Jonny.

On Monday night I set out to whip up a batch of paste and realized how simple and cheap it is to make. I’m asking myself why I just ordered $150 worth of glue for my classroom when my students could actually get a little science lesson and make a few batches themselves.

“How?”, you ask?

Alakazam! Glue!

This new-ish discovery could not come at a more perfect time. I have been fussing about trying to get in the groove of making art again and I have found that I am just plain tired of painting flat pictures. I am a tactile girl. I have a degree in sculpture. I want to make things out of things I don’t have to buy. Things that I can re-purpose.

A few months ago my fifth grade students did a project based on various Earthworks artists like Robert Smithson . I gave each student a piece of cardboard, some brown packing paper, colored tissue paper, and some art paste. They were instructed to create a work of art with a three-dimensional pattern. My students came up with some of the most beautiful and interesting collages I had seen in a long time.

Ms. Mikayla

This week I’ve been playing around with the paste and paper. As I was working with the notion of creating a relief version of some of the motifs and images I’ve been using this past year, I started to recognize the circle not only as a place holder but also as a container, a holding place.

As the circle develops into three dimensions it either becomes a sphere or a cylinder. A cylinder is the basic shape of nests, barnacles, dare I say it, a birth canal. Sorry, more about containment once I’ve worked it all out in my brain.

I am so damn excited to be making something new. It’s like the days after a first kiss. Can’t sleep, can’t concentrate, must be with my new love. Creativity, you give me butterflies.

Still tinkering...


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  1. Oh friend. You are magic.

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