Sticky Paper and Snuggly Guys

We started our day by updating the kids work area. Their table had seen better days (by that I mean before I dragged in from the ally and cut its legs off and let Milo draw and paint all over it). We found some sweet contact paper and went to town. Milo and I agreed that it looks FABULOUS and very chic.

Too much?

My budding designer

Milo and I were super inspired by our clean studio (only took 5 hours to clean a 10×12 space), especially the cleaned out fabric bin and while Wyatt was snoozing we collaborated on this snuggly guy. His name is Frankie.

Always start with a plan

Frankie and him Mom (we'll work on her another day)

Meet Frankie.


3 responses to “Sticky Paper and Snuggly Guys

  1. Frankie is too cute! Are those glasses he is wearing? I like the four legs, he’ll get around better. 🙂

  2. Oops, sorry, looks like five legs. Even better!

  3. Your mom was telling me about Milo’s comment about what he would do if Santa brought him coal in his stocking…you need to post it and I strongly advise you to keep a diary of Miloisms!!!!! The kid is a genius, but then that isn’t news to most of us!

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