Weaving is the new knitting

You heard me. Weaving is the new knitting. Pie is the new cupcake and being plain is the new fashion.

I’ve come to terms with Mondays now being for thinking about making things while Tuesday seems to have become by action evening.  So for Take Action Tuesday, I’ve started to make a lovely little weaving as a test run on this genius machine that my cousin, Tony (an amazing art teacher, artist, and person in general) made.


Beautiful, isn't she?

The design is so simple yet so clever. Built from super ordinary materials, the loom can be set up almost anywhere as well as stored easily with a project still in progress.




5 responses to “Weaving is the new knitting

  1. Im a plain ass pie baker, holy shit, I’m coming into style! But only here, mind if I hang out at your blog for a while? Awesome loom! I was thinking spinning might be the new knitting.. I think all of us crafty ladies are going to keep getting more and more little house on the prairie. Next blog post: Sheep Shearing: the new hot thing! ( actually sound appealing). Can’t wait to see what you make!

  2. That loom looks great. I tutor a lady from Burma and she made me the most beautiful bag and all she had was what looked like a pile of assorted sticks under her kitchen table so I guess it was a similar set up. What is it attached to at te top?

  3. that thinking also goes with the theory that 60 is the new 40…which fits me fine since you know where I am in those calculations!
    Kelsea has come to my rescue and is my new apprentice…at least until she works off the cost of fabric I bought her…might get a few quilt projects done this way!

  4. PS Tony is BRILLIANT!!!

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