Patience and gratitude

I’m not so sure I’m an expert on patience, but as I watched my first baby ride into the sunset on his two wheeler, I realized that things come in time and life is as much about patience as it is about practice. 


He was ready to ride. Grew just enough (mentally and physically) to get those pedals pumping.

I wait for paint to dry, I wait for my students to be ready to learn, I wait for the kids to fall asleep so I can steal a moment to myself. I wait to go on that quick vacation so that Wyatt and I finish nursing when we are both ready. 


Just waitin'

I practice parenting, I practice my art, I practice yoga, I practice teaching. I practice patience.

The whole world does not need to come to me today. Life will unfold as it does and I will be there to steer my own ship as I wait for a cool breeze (maybe a pina colada in my hand, listening to a little yacht rock).

I wait and I cultivate. 


Day 100 from the 100 day challenge. Practice. Makes. Good.



2 responses to “Patience and gratitude

  1. and you practice writing, sounding like a poet and a sage! Love you!

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