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Mistakes will be made. They will be mended.

 I drop the ball. I fall down. I get up. I try again. I never finished my 32 days. I fall asleep every night with an unfinished to do list and you know what? It is ok, I think. A very good friend of mine once told me that I could have it all, just not right now.

I have had a series of massive fails as of late and it is humbling. I typically manage pretty well and take care of business. Failure is humbling in that it reminds me that I must pay attention to my connections. If connections to people, ideas, my body are not mindfully cultivated, they fall away and fall away quickly. The connection I feel to the work that I have created over the past two years is immense. I thought that I was clearheaded about why I make art until I was sitting at a lecture at an art education conference and a woman said that creativity occurs within giving and receiving. I was floored. The statement was so simple. Connectivity through making, giving, and receiving on all levels is exactly what draws  me to the creative process. I have always made work with a social message having to do with what people do for each other and I’ve found my spirituality in scientific theory about cellular and molecular connectivity. Energy, intention, and action from big to small is central to my creative process.

Now that I have this clarity in my work, I am ready to paint again. It is my goal to host a happening in which the viewer/participant determines the worth of pieces within a new body of work and in that creates a connection through the trade of goods, services or currency. The art is in the giving and receiving. All I need is a venue.

I am also ready to seek the same kind of clarity in my own world, my own interactions. I want to give and to receive in balance.  Time to dust myself off and move forward. Who’s in?

Cool Tricks. Cool Tricks.

Sunday evening. That lovely time when I crawl into bed after a weekend with the family and run the checklist of all of the things I didn’t get done and all the things waiting for me at work. Alas, the cleaning of the downstairs bathroom will have to wait until 8:30 tomorrow night because I have  paintings to make and blogs to write.

Vibration, frequency,life.

Here we go. People I know can do some pretty amazing things. I have a cousin who is double jointed in his shoulders, a friend who can do the  splits, I can even touch my tongue to my nose (you’re so impressed right now). What I really mean is those people who make something out of a few materials and a sweet idea. Below is a shout out to a few super creative people I know (I’ll be featuring creatives on the blog from time to time, especially those who are game to swap).  Please check out what they do and show them some love. All their contact info can be found at the end of this post.

Chris the carpenter’s alley score pallet shed

A patio for my hubby’s client. Brick and marble.

German Murillo turned my living room into a photo studio!

Kassia’s Pasta Farm makes amazing pasta and swaps it for art on occasion

Chris Smolik, artist, handy man, breaker of bones.

Jonathan Fessler, the man in charge at Fessler Masonry.

German Murillo, Photo pioneer.

Kassia, pasta maven.

Day Three

Wow. Umm. It is a lot harder to find time to paint with a full-time job and two big boys than it was when I was a stay at home momma with a sleepy infant and a toddler in preschool. All the same, it still feels so damn good to clear a few inches of clutter from the drafting table in the studio and just make something. Wyatt painted right along side me this time. The little bear is really growning up.

Anywho, it has been a looooong week and I am worked over. A nice, long post coming your way on Sunday evening.  For tonight, some eye candy in the form of a close up of Day Three.

String theory

Two years later

It was two years and a few days ago that I started 100 Days. I feel this impulse to say something smarmy about being on a great big journey with twists and turns and ups and downs, etc. but isn’t that just life? Some things change, some things stay the same.

Hi, it’s me. I’m Mobile now.

Let’s talk about the changes. My boy started kindergarten! The kid in the Robin costume with the bag on his head is a school boy! Milo was so proud of himself when we all rode bikes to his first day of school. I snuck a peek in his classroom the other day and he was polishing silver (I really do ❤ Montessori). I’m glad this is a skill he’s developing as I have so much silver on hand.

Milo’s first day of kindergarten.

Anyways, Wyatt has developed into a whole person of his own who is happy as a clam and any time he is not he has taken to calling us all meany heads. I’m sure we are total meany heads and deserve to be called such. Jon is doing  his masonry/full-time college student/Dad thing and being awesome at it.

Happy Juice

And me, I’ve been good. When that Dentist told me to chill last spring, I took her advice. I spent the summer wrapped in the warm embrace of my children (when I wasn’t prying them apart or trying to keep them from screaming, of course.)  Now I’m back at work actually doing a job that I really love. Teaching art to little people and helping to develop some Project Based Learning in the classrooms. It is my job to make sure that our students are thinking, being creative, and solving problems, so cool. The point is that I stopped trying to be something bigger than who I already am and it felt pretty nice. I gave myself permission to just be.

Some great arty things came my way and I managed to pull of some really awesome swaps (more about the art stuff in my next post). Art making is part of who I already am and because of that I’ve decided to give myself a renewal challenge. I will paint 32 paintings in 32 days to commemorate my birthday and the 100 Days project. I will blog every other day or so and we’ll see how things unfold.

Day One, getting the rust out.

Day 1, I had this impulse to pull tight into the composition and gradually release the form and color like conception or birth or growth. It feels good to be back fully in my skin and ready to work. As always, if you see or read something you like or want to comment on, please do.




Snuggly Hybrid

Snuggly Hybrid

This is hands down the most amazing all-in-one snuggly ever! Milo is in love with his new hybrid. Now taking suggestions for trade backs.

“I don’t know how to express myself sometimes when I need to be properly different.”

I think about you all the time dear blog. I yearn to update you but instead I watch episodes of Trailer Park Boys and fall asleep with my laptop perched on my belly. The last couple of months have been intense and fantastic and well, needless to say my life is filled to the brim. My kids are becoming wonderful, intense little humans, I will be teaching creative, project based learning to K-3 kiddos next year, and the art game is hustling. I was actually a key note speaker at a creatives mixer at the MCA last week (I spoke about bartering). Which leads me to this post.

For one reason or another, my barter work has taken off and it seems that more so than ever, people are attaching to the idea that they can trade a little something or a service and get a work of art. It is as if the act of trading has become so entrenched in my work that it is hard for me to view a piece without thinking of the connection that it might create. The trade is the performance and the painting becomes that backdrop. Maybe the art is in the action.


One of my latest trades, a vintage ukulele. Now who want to barter for lessons?

If we’ve traded, thank you. Our life is filled with little reminders of how a simple exchange can move us forward and create connections that last longer than dollars in a bank account. Check out this blog post about my work on Jennifer’s Review from one of my favorite artist, writer, and momma, Alyson Kahn.

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I updated my webpage and created a new fan page for my art on facebook. Be one of the first 100 to “Like” my new Facebook page and be entered to win a  painting from the 100 Days series.