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Cool Tricks. Cool Tricks.

Sunday evening. That lovely time when I crawl into bed after a weekend with the family and run the checklist of all of the things I didn’t get done and all the things waiting for me at work. Alas, the cleaning of the downstairs bathroom will have to wait until 8:30 tomorrow night because I have  paintings to make and blogs to write.

Vibration, frequency,life.

Here we go. People I know can do some pretty amazing things. I have a cousin who is double jointed in his shoulders, a friend who can do the  splits, I can even touch my tongue to my nose (you’re so impressed right now). What I really mean is those people who make something out of a few materials and a sweet idea. Below is a shout out to a few super creative people I know (I’ll be featuring creatives on the blog from time to time, especially those who are game to swap).  Please check out what they do and show them some love. All their contact info can be found at the end of this post.

Chris the carpenter’s alley score pallet shed

A patio for my hubby’s client. Brick and marble.

German Murillo turned my living room into a photo studio!

Kassia’s Pasta Farm makes amazing pasta and swaps it for art on occasion

Chris Smolik, artist, handy man, breaker of bones.

Jonathan Fessler, the man in charge at Fessler Masonry.

German Murillo, Photo pioneer.

Kassia, pasta maven.